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Marine 16 Ltd - Fuel Treatments, Polishes and Maintenance Products

Marine 16 Ltd - Fuel Treatments, Polishes and Maintenance Products

Marine 16 provides the most effective fuel treatment products on the market today. Our speciality is preventing or curing the so-called diesel bug. Our Diesel Fuel Complete is unique in the market place, giving the complete additives range required to ensure that your fuel is suitable for the way we run our boats in the marine environment.

The polishes have been designed for ease of use in the UK or Mediterranean weather; that is they can be used in the wet or in the baking sun. The polishes are single application, so cut and polish in one pass, saving time and money.

Our maintenance range contains products we have found useful or our customers have asked us to develop.

We design and manufacture our products in South Wales to high standards and quality.

We hope you find our products useful and reasonably priced and we are always available for technical help and advice.

If you require larger quantities, please do let us know as we can supply some items in 5ltr, 25ltr, 200ltr and International Bulk Containers.


GALP, the largest supplier of fuel in Spain and Portugal has recommended that biocide additives should be added to fuel over 3 months old in all marine environment.
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New Polish Range

See the new polish range. [click here to go to Polish Products]
The RNLI is to use our products to help promote membership of RNLI Offshore.

Marine 16 adds the Marine Fuel Purifier to its product line up.

Our Diesel Bug Treatment product currently prevents or eradicates diesel bug in your fuel. Our Diesel Fuel Complete will prevent bug growth, lubricate your pump, increase cetane value, slow degradation, prevent corrosion, clear your injectors down to zero deposits and de-mulsify the fuel.

The latter will drop water out of the body of the fuel to the bottom of the tank. On a bouncy passage, when the fuel and dirt gets sloshed about, your filter system can get over loaded with water and dirt and the engine can stop just when you don't want it to. By fitting the Marine 16 Marine Fuel Purifier and using our products in combination, you can keep your fuel in good condition and prevent filter blockage.

Please contact us for more details.
Tel: 01666 817 577
Email: info@marine16.co.uk

New Scottish Highlands Distributor

For those wanting delivery in the Scottish Highlands please contact our new distributor:

Peter White
Swordfish Marine
Rankin's Brae, Sandbank, Argyll. PA23 8FE
Tel: 01369 701 905