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Polish Guide

Marine 16 Ltd polishes are designed by us for the marine environment. Boat owners well know the aggressive effects that a combination of salt-water and U.V. light gives. Our polishes are not cheap but they do contain a lot of active ingredients to protect your craft.
They can be used on G.R.P., steel and painted hulls and contain fluoropolymers and U.V. protection agents.

The polishes are also designed to save you time and money by being 'single application'. That is, the cutting polishes cut and polish in one go. No need for two products to cut and then polish.

To further help the polishing regime they can also be applied in light rain through to baking sun and be easily removed, even hours after application.

To keep everything in perfect condition and further protect the shine (especially with coloured hulls) our Universal Surface Sealant can also be used. This increases the time the gloss will remain, adds even more U.V. protection and prevents oxidation from acid rain and pollution. On white hulls even the usual black streaks from deck drainage do not occur.

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