Marine 16 joins the fight against plastic. With our new cleaning range the bottles and trigger are for life. Refill your bottle with our 10x concentrate pouch and then simply post your empty pouch back to us. All plastic waste is returned to us for reuse or recycling!

Marine 16 is pleased to offer our Kill, Clean, Protect triple pack. With our MTU approved Diesel Bug Treatment, Diesel Fuel Complete and Diesel Injector Cleaner all aspects of your engine will be looked after.

12v water and sludge removal system independent of the engine running.

Will remove Diesel Bug, water and contaminants from your Diesel Tank by sucking from the very bottom, below the fuel suction

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Please note that all prices now include VAT at 20%

Marine 16 products were developed exclusively for the leisure boating and light commercial sectors.  We make it easy for you to maintain your vessel, inside and out. 

Widely respected for our fuel treatments, we can eradicate diesel bug, remove harmful injector deposits and maintain the fuel system.  Our Diesel Bug Treatment (DBT) is used by the RNLI and  top-rated by Practical Boat Owner.  Two petrol systems complete our fuel treatment range.

Our Diesel Dipper® provides a fixed installation fuel management system to remove water and sludge from the very bottom of the tank below the fuel suction. We would be bold enough to say that when used in conjunction with our Diesel Fuel Complete (DFC) you would never have a diesel related problem. In the age of modern diesel, it’s more important than ever to manage your fuel by removing water and replacing the additives that degrade from the manufacture.

We are pioneering marine cleaning with our ZerO range of cleaners. Not just biodegradable, conforming to Marpol Annexe 5 “not harmful to the marine environment”, They create totally Zero plastic pollution….How? Marine 16 will receive all plastic back to be refilled and reused or, at end of life, recycled.  Plastic can only be recycled up to 9 times. Marine 16 is attempting to extend the life of its plastic by at least 5 times. Refillable pouches available online and in chandlers also take the cost of the products down by as much as half the original price! and result in ZerO Carbon footprint too! The Zero range of only 3 products will replace 95% of cleaning on board, it even uses the same bacteria as the toilet treatment for chemical toilets, so one less product to buy.

Marine 16 Directors are experts in both biological products and diesel/fuel management, each  with many years experience in their field you can rest assured our products are the best they can be.

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Help keep our Oceans clear of plastics and clean of contaminants by using the refillable Zer0 range of boat cleaning products. FREE DELIVERY. Click here to order or find out more... #zeroplastic

You know whatever is in your bilge ends up in the Ocean so make sure it is harmless to the organisms which live there. Our Engine & Bilge Cleaner is Ocean-friendly and can be refilled reducing your plastic footprint. Buy online here... #bilgecleaner

Teak cleaner that has a powerful formula to remove stubborn stains... #teakcleaner #boatcleaning

The #Marine16 boat polishes have been designed for ease of use in the UK or Mediterranean weather; that is they can be used in the wet or in the baking sun & offer UV protection. Check them out here...

We design and manufacture our products in South Wales to high standards and quality. #madeinBritain Find our marine16 products here...

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