Diesel Duck® available as service or to rent.

The following companies have a Diesel Duck® and can either offer a service or have a Diesel Duck® available to rent.

Please contact them direct.

TrueFlow – Ireland
Contact: David Pettigrew
Ph: 00353 161991454
Email: info@TrueFlow.ie

Flow Marine – Australia
Contact:  Greg Hitchenson
Ph:  0061 430568273

Contact:  Mandy Stone
Ph:  01666 818791
Email: sales@marship.eu

Tor Batservice AS – Norway
Contact:  Rune Kristoffersen
Ph:  0047 97790932
Email:  post@torbaatservice.no

JC Distributor – Puerto Rico
Contact:  Jose C. Ortiz Goveo
Ph: (787) 922-3811
Email:  info@jcdistributorpr.com

Preston Marine
Contact:  Steve Miller
Ph:  01772 733595
Email:  info@prestonmarina.co.uk

Independent Marine Projects – Ireland
Contact:  Derek Potter
Ph:  00353 874047158
Email:  derekpotter58@gmail.com

Sea Gear – Maldives
Contact:  Abdulla Hussen
Ph:  (960) 3302737
Email: hussen.abdulla@seagear.com.mv

Marine Technical Assistance – Sardinia
Contact:  Mark De Vries
Ph:  0039 78968789
Email:  mark@mta-olbia.com

Yorkshire Diesel Power
Contact:  Anthony Seal
Ph:  01977 690440
Email:  ydp@yorkshiredieselpower.co.uk

Celtic Marine Lda – Portugal
Contact:  Mark Hampton
Ph:  00351 918606814
Email:  celticmarine@mail.com

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