Diesel Dipper

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The Dipper effectively transfers the water from the bottom of your large fuel tank into a small tank where it can be managed and removed.




Cleans the FLOOR of your tank BELOW the fuel suction.

Like it’s feathered namesake the Diesel Dipper® sucks with a 12v pump from the VERY BOTTOM of the tank. It removes Diesel Bug and years of accumulated water and sludge that has sloshed about on the bottom. The clean fuel is returned back to the tank through a fine washable stainless steel filter.

The Dipper effectively transfers the water from the bottom of your large fuel tank into a small tank where it can be managed and removed. The Patent Pending “Tank Separator” is the heart of the system. Water/sludge enters the top and is separated out of the fuel into a collection chamber, where the contaminants are easily drained off.

Used every day and independent of the engine running it scours the very bottom of your fuel tank leaving it clean and dry.

There are no consumable filters to puchase.

The Diesel Dipper should be connected to the drain plug. If there is no drain plug a “Dip Tube” is available. This simple flange, fixed to the top of the tank with self tapping screws allows a 10mm pipe to be pushed through to rest on the bottom. The Diesel Dipper is then connected to the the top of this pipe. The return back to the tank can be simply tee’d into the fuel return from the engine.

Can be fiited with basic DIY skills and supplied with fitting insructions.

Cleaning sludge from a small fuel tank can be as much as £1000 and is often not succesful as they cannot clean behind the baffles in the tank. The Diesel Dipper lets the motion of the boat do the work for you, sucking up everything that is sloshing about on the bottom.

Used in combination with our Diesel Fuel Treatment we would guarantee an end to sludge related diesel problems. A bold statement indeed but by removing water you remove 90% of fuel related problems. Any remaining issues are addressed with Marine 16 Diesel Fuel Complete that helps prevent other sludge issues and protects the engine.

We hear many stories of the RNLI being called out to rescue vessels that hit the break water and their engines stop. Often due to the accumulated sludge at the bottom of the tank being stirred up and blocking engine filters. Don’t let it happen to you.

Made in the UK.

View the Diesel Dipper Brochure. 

Customer Testimonial:
“The Diesel Dipper used in conjunction with Marine 16 additives has cleaned up my diesel and removed sludge from my tanks. I have already recommended this equipment to others”
Mike Gibbs (Bluey) – Owner of Splashdown II


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