ZerO Plastic Pollution Eco Clean Range

As a widely recognised name in the Marine industry we wanted to develop a range of cleaning products that gave excellent cleaning performance as well as being eco friendly but also contributing to the reduction of plastic waste in our rivers and oceans.

We are proud to present the ZerO range. This is range of just 3 products which will replace many products on board and will effectively clean 95% of your craft.

Another great advantage on the ZerO range is that you buy a ‘bottle for life’ which, when empty is refilled from a pouch of highly concentrated product.

The Range

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Force 4 Chandlery stock the Diesel Dipper. Head over to their website to check it out and order online along with hundreds of other great products...
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These guys have done a great job at rescuing these turtles caught up in plastics...
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Very well done, Men..Thank you from animal lovers around the world 🐢👍🏻❤️ Credit: WiigWorld -
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Are you looking for a little business to operate in your local marinas? The Diesel Duck is portable and comes in a carry on case. It has its own 12v battery and is easy to use. A perfect addition to marina services! Check it out here...
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Our refill, reuse and recycle concept makes it into another magazine. Thank you Classic Sailor Magazine for your article promoting our #zeroplastic eco cleaning range...

Cabin and Heads Cleaner

A really great product containing active cleaning agents and also friendly bacteria which are fantastic for removing all types of organic soiling from hard furnishings, soft furnishings, galley areas, toilet and cloakrooms and even wood and glass.

Deck and Sail Cleaner

A gentle effective product for cleaning all exterior surfaces of your craft including, decks, GRP surfaces, cratch covers and even sails. Deck and Sail also contains lots of friendly bacteria for long terms cleaning action.

Engine and Bilge Cleaner

A highly effective enzymatic formula to clean all external parts of your engine and bilge. The gentle degreasing action is fantastic to keep your engine in tip top clean condition.

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Teach your crew how to operate the marine electronics onboard...
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How our Bottle for Life works

1.    Buy your bottle of ready to use product from your local chandlery or online

2.    When the bottle is empty buy a pouch of product from your local chandler or online. The pouch is highly concentrated and one pouch will provide 5 refills of your bottle for life

3.    When the pouch is empty, simply take it back to your local chandler for money off in store or FREEPOST back to Marine 16 where the pouch will be reused up to 5 times

4.    If the bottle or trigger spray break then Marine 16 will replace it free of charge. A genuine ‘Bottle for Life’ product!