We wanted to produce a range of biodegradable cleaners that achieve Zero harm to the marine environment and produce Zero plastic pollution with a simple refill, reuse and recycle concept.

We are proud to introduce our new Zero Plastic Pollution Cleaning Range. The range consists of 3 biodegradable products in compliance with MARPOL ANNEX 5 1.7.5 ‘not harmful to the marine environment’ that will collectively cover over 95% of on board cleaning requirements.

The range includes a Cabin & Heads Cleaner, Deck & Sails Cleaner and an Engine & Bilge Cleaner – all 3 products are available in 750ml bottles for life and 500ml refillable concentrate pouches that can be returned directly back to us.

We aim to receive all our plastic back to be refilled and reused or, at end of life, recycled.  Plastic can only be recycled up to 9 times therefore we are attempting to extend the life of our plastic by at least 5 times. The refillable option is also more cost effective than buying an original bottle as it reduces the cost of each full refill by a third!

The Range

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Cabin and Heads Cleaner

A really great product containing active cleaning agents and also friendly bacteria which are fantastic for removing all types of organic soiling from hard furnishings, soft furnishings, galley areas, toilet and cloakrooms and even wood and glass.

Deck and Sail Cleaner

A gentle effective product for cleaning all exterior surfaces of your craft including, decks, GRP surfaces, cratch covers and even sails. Deck and Sail also contains lots of friendly bacteria for long terms cleaning action.

Engine and Bilge Cleaner

A highly effective enzymatic formula to clean all external parts of your engine and bilge. The gentle degreasing action is fantastic to keep your engine in tip top clean condition.

How our Bottle for Life works